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What is BraceCalc?

BraceCalc is a simple and independent PC-Software for display

mathematical and numerical calculations.


BraceCalc is an excellent tool to complement your technical

documentations and presentations.


You can group the calculation with the BraceCalc objects source,

method and filter within a graphical schematic.


BraceCalc runs with Microsoft© Windows® 7, 8, 10.


The main parts of BraceCalc:


Windows desktop program with ribbon menus
Graphical signal schematic
Graphical scope view with zoom and cursor
Object definitions with BraceCalc script
Mathematical methods
Signal Analysis
Analog and digital filters







BraceCalc is not:

A complete replace for software packages like

MatLab® , Mathematica®, Plecs®, MathCad®

or other mathematical Algebra software.



Functions and Methods

Source Mathematical
Source Numerical
Source Noise
Source Clock
Source Stream
Method Addition
Method Subtraktion
Method Multiplikation
Method Division
Method Power
Method Magnitude
Method Phase
Method Mean Value
Method RMS (root mean square)
Method Derivation
Method Integration
Method Mathematical 1 Input
Method Mathematical 2 Inputs
Method Fourier Series
Method RC (resistor, capacity)
Method RLC (resistor, inductivity, capacity)
Method AM (amplitude modulation)
Method FM (frequency modulation)
Method PWM (pulse width modulation)
Method ADC (analog digital converter)
Method Down Sampling
Method PID Control
Method Digital Filter
Object Analog Filter
Object Auxiliary
Logic Comparator
Logic NOT
Logic AND
Logic NAND
Logic OR
Logic NOR
Logic XOR
Logic XNOR
C# Source
C# Method 1 Input
C# Method 2 Inputs

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